Got questions for us? Here are some frequently asked questions we can answer right now!

Q: Do the jars expire?

A: No! The dry ingredients will stay amazing but any unique toppings might get stale depending on the amount of time.

Q: What do I have to add to the cookies to bake them?      

A: All the jars will have a recipe attached when they arrive with directions and ingredients. Butter and eggs are the most common ingredients needed to complete baking. 

Q: How will I get the jars?

A: Jars can either be shipped or picked up directly from Manitowoc Lutheran High School. Pick up is free - we will email you when your order is ready to be picked up! Jars can be picked up in the office anytime during regular school hours. We can also work with you to pick them up outside normal school hours, contact us with how we can help!

If opting to have jars shipped, a shipping charge will be added to the final order and we will let you know when your jars are on the way!

Q: Do the jars come with everything they need to be made?

A: The jars supply all the dry ingredients. Ingredients that would expire or would not do well in a jar are not provided. 

Q: How long will cookies be available? 

A: This website is completely run by our marketing class at MLHS. Because of this our cookies are only available for a limited time until the end of the school year.